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August 30, 2013
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DEC 16TH 2014: This story has been propely edited and made into not so much a big wall of text, please go read that story. The link should be above this message.

*Note- Jerome is not a bacca in this, he's a human with a business suit who pretend to be a bacca.*

~Setting- Sky Army Base, Team Crafted Faction~

~Jerome's POV~

  I woke up this morning, from a dream I'll never forget. "Does he really?" I asked myself in the mirror. Like the mirror could speak to me and solve all my problems. I changed into my business suit, wore my tie, and brushed my hair. It didn't really matter how fancy I looked, I was going to be blood-soaked. FROM PLAYING THE HUNGER DEENS YEAH! I walked down the hallway to Mitch's room and knocked on the door. "Biggums, wanna play teh hunger deens with me?" I asked. "Nah dood, not right now. Lemme just...*bunch of clings and clangs* Okay there! Sure dood, coming out in just a second." Mitch replied. I leaned on the door. I forgot that was the door Mitch was going to open. I fell as he opened the door, and I fell into Mitch's arms. His face was a foot away from mine. "Hai dood, whatcha doing down there, biggums?" He said. My cheeks turned a light pink. He helped me up. "Thanks dood." I said. "No prob, biggums." He said. "TO THE HUNGER DEENS!!!" I shouted, running downstairs so I could jump into the Fridge. Mitch chuckled. "TO THE FRIDGE!!!" He shouted, following. I dove into the fridge as Adam opened it. "Uh... This is a portal?" He asked. I was already on the other side. I stuck my head and arm out of the portal. The arm to grasp on to the fridge. "Yup. The butter fridge is in your room!" I explained. "How do you--" I jumped through the portal before he could finish. And because Mitch was tumbling towards me. We were in the Colosseum server. "OOOH WE CAN GET BETTY!!" I cried. "Eeyup." Mitch said. I started recording.

  "To the left, to the left!" I said, and turned left. Mitch was standing there. "Hey doods! This is Mitch or BajanCanadian here with episode 200!" Mitch introduced. "Hey biggums!" I shouted. "What?" He replied. "IT'S STARTING OH MY GOSH RUN!!!" I shouted, dashing towards the center, as always. "I gotta wood axe and a raw fish for ya!" Mitch said. I ran to him. "I have a potato, some chicken nugget butter, and a boat! YEAH!" I exclaimed. "Don'z you wanna get the Spooky Axe? Come on!" Mitch said, heading towards the mine, but instead walked into me, making me land on the floor. He was atop of me, and he was holding himself up with his elbows. "Why hello there again." He said. "How do you manage to always be on top of me?" I asked. "I don't know, but let's go." He said, pushing himself off the floor. He dusted himself off and headed towards the mine. It was amazing how no one found us like that, where they could so easily kill. And um... think about other things. I got off the floor, and headed towards the cemetery, Spooky Axe's home. Still recording... I bet the viewers are confused about the "always on top of me" thing.

  "Hey Mitch, you got the Nether star?" I asked. He wasn't at the cemetery. "I AM GETTING CHASED BY A TEAM OF TWO IRON ARMOR STONE SWORD OH GOD HELP!!!" He shouted. "Mitch, 'cam' down and tell me where you are!!!" I exclaimed. "VOLCANO!!!" He screamed. "I'm coming to save you, buddy!!" I hollered. Mitch, what have you gotten yourself in to? "Hokeyp!" Mitch exclaimed.

  "HALPPP!!!" Mitch shouted. "I'm here!!!" I announced. A chaser threw an egg at me. "OW!" I said, chopping up the chaser. After he was killed, I ran back to Mitch, who somehow was still being chased. "Biggums, a little help here?" He asked. "AH CHOP CHOP BUDDY, CHOP CHOP!!" I  exclaimed, putting him on the chopping block. Never mess with a loose cannon bacca with a stone axe.


  "SpOoKy AXE!!!" I exclaimed, jumping up and down with joy. "Yup. Here!" Mitch said, handing me over the shiny sacrificial axe. "Oh baby..." I cooed. "Yes..." Mitch murmured. I was too caught up in the axe's beauty to notice. I climbed out of the grave, ready to strike. "Here biggums!" Mitch said, throwing the potion. I stood on top of a grave, scouting out for other tributes. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Don't you get a little hot under that jacket?" Mitch asked in a seductive tone. "Y-yeah, I guess..." I stammered. I felt Mitch's hands gripping my sleeves, and ripping the jacket off my body. "Much better." He said. I blushed a little. I almost forgot we were recording. "Um M-Mitch? Y-you know we're recording, r-right?" I asked him. I felt his arms hug around my neck, but not necessarily choking me. He was no doubt behind me. "Yes, I do." He replied, whispering right into me left ear. "Uh.. We'll be right back after these commercial messages!" I said, ending the recording. "Now I get to do whatever I want." Mitch said, taking off my tie. "M-mitch..." I said, not knowing what else I should say. "Shhh... Savor the moment.." He whispered, kissing me on the cheek. "Oh my..." I said, yearning for more. My cheeks turned red. I could imagine that Mitch didn't have his jacket or necklace on. He kissed my neck a couple times, and I stood still, enjoying every moment. He also gave me a few hickeys, which was also pleasurable. "Too bad all good things must come to an end..." Mitch said, who was now turning visible. But right before we turned back to our normal form, he kissed me. And was his lips were ever so soft. He moved away from me, to make the spectators suspect nothing. I put my jacket on and quickly put on my tie, and propped my collar so the hickeys on my neck weren't visible. Mitch walked over to me, and whispered in my ear. "I love you." He whispered. I blushed. I walked to the darkest place in the map, and beckoned Mitch to follow.

  "You sure about this?" Mitch asked. I nodded. Little did he know, I had something a little different in mind. When he leaned in to kiss me, I plunged a dagger into his heart. "B-biggums!" He cried, clutching the wound. "Mitch, I think you forgot what this is! This is the Hunger Games!" I said, removing the blade. He staggered to the ground, and stretched his arm out, still clutching the wound, as if he was grabbing something that could save him. "Goodbye, Mitch." I said, and started to walk out of the cavern. "Oh yeah, I forgot something." I said, walking back to the cave. Mitch was lying on the ground, barely breathing. I kneeled down to him, and kissed him. Mitch smiled. "Heh, thanks." Mitch said weakly. He closed his eyes and accepted his fate. "It's the least I can do." I said, leaving the cave. Thunder struck, and a cannon fired. Yep, Mitch was dead.
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